1. WPNSA is not permitted to allow launching from our slipways for recreational purposes or to exercise.
  2. The British Sailing Team (BST) are exempt from the restrictions under Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport guidelines for elite athletes, and protocols have been established for BST members to access the site.
  3. We will be keeping our boat hoist operational for all activity that may be permitted under the regulations.  Please contact the WPNSA office if you wish to book this facility or if you require any guidance on the use of this service.
  4. Boat owners will only be able to access the site to carry out essential checks of their vessels or other property.  The carrying out of routine maintenance is not permitted under current Government restrictions.
  5. Owners wishing to collect their boats or other equipment for use from a public slipway or beach, are permitted to do so. Please do not return the equipment to WPNSA, as it should go with you to your place of residence.
  6. Contractors will be given access onto the site in order to work on boats stored in the yard.  We require owners to inform us in advance of who the contractor is and the nature of the work the contractor will be carrying out.  Contractors turning up without advance notice will be turned away until we have either received notification or managed to contact the owner of the boat in question.  Contractors should only attend the site during opening hours (see below) unless they have made a specific arrangement with our office.  Contractors should have the necessary insurance cover, including public liability insurance and may be asked to provide a risk assessment to demonstrate COVID Safe operational practices, if having not already done so.
  7. The office will be staffed daily throughout lockdown, between the hours of 9.30am – 4.30pm.  On most days, a member of staff will also be available to attend to matters in the yard.  If you need to contact the office, please call 01305 866000 or email reception@wpnsa.org.uk.
  8. Automatic gates to the site will remain operational.  Cards or gate codes will be required for access.
  9. WPNSA catering facilities including takeaway services are closed.


We ask that all visitors to the site follow all regulations and guidance applicable to their circumstances.  Owners, who are unable to attend their boats or other property due to the regulations and would like a member of staff to check anything on their behalf, should contact WPNSA Reception.

These restrictions will apply until further notice.  If you require any further information regarding these operational restrictions please contact reception@wpnsa.org.uk or call 01305 866000 between the hours of 09.30 – 16.30.